WWIM15❤️: Kindness with the Humane Rescue Alliance

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IGDC held our Worldwide Instameet 15 on March 25th at 8:30am. The theme for this WWIM was KINDNESS and we were thrilled to team up with the Humane Rescue Alliance to spotlight all the amazing work they do each and every day for animal welfare. They work tirelessly and from the heart for all of us and the animals we adore.

Each Saturday, HRA volunteers bring dogs available for adoption to the National Arboretum (or rotating Rock Creek Park when summertime shade is most needed) for a program called PACK. The purpose is to get the dogs out of the shelter for fresh air, exercise and socialization. It’s a wonderful program and for this special day, we joined them to photograph, interact with the dogs and learn about the mission of HRA.

We also held a supply drive and asked attendees to bring much needed donations for the shelter. Big thanks to everyone that brought donations; every little bit helps and we were happy to hand them over. HRA’s Amazon wishlist remains active if you wish to help further.

We are so thankful to the photographers who woke up early on a Saturday to participate. Keeping with the dog’s routine was key plus we were able to enjoy the peace of the Arboretum before the crowds arrive.

Some of our favorite images of the day are below but you should really check out more from the Arboretum and from the global Instagram community here: #igdc_wwim15 and #wwim15❤️



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Capitol Columns. 🌸🏛 #wwim15❤️

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Always a blast hanging out w @igdc #wwim15

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