Spy Museum Expands to a New Building (Photos)

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A week before it debuted the new Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners building in L’Enfant Plaza, The International Spy Museum invited us to sneak a peek at the redesigned, bigger and bolder museum.

The museum is the first and only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage. Interactive displays, videos and artifacts help explain “why we spy” and “how we spy”. The address change gave the museum a unique advantage to update EVERYTHING all at once; included are updated technologies and new stories and historical accuracies.

On our visit we received a introductory brief and our new agent badges and were then let loose to explore the architecture and exhibitions. The building is pretty remarkable and brings a modern update to the brutalist landscape of L’Enfant Plaza. Included in the design is a panoramic rooftop view of the National Mall and the Wharf. It’ll be a great spot for photographers. Another highlight is the infinity room where you can stand amid scrolling code and flashing alarm lights which create a mesmerizing Matrix-style experience.

The new building will engage visitors of all ages and espionage interests and has plenty for photographers to capture.




In addition to these photos you can experience the new Spy Museum Building in the video below.

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