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This past Saturday we teamed up with Philly-based (and soon to be based in DC) restaurant @honeygrow to explore a small slice of DC from Union Station to Union Market.

Our starting point was the Main Hall at the gorgeous Union Station.  We wanted to show off the gorgeous space now that the scaffolding (a mainstay for the past 40 years) has come down.  She is gleaming once again.  Next up was a color-filled walk through NoMA to see the many, many art murals. While it was hot and the sun was blistering, the color and creativity all around was more than enough to keep us from running to the nearest shade and air conditioner. We stopped at Storey Park first, where a very nice security guard let us into the fenced off space to shoot.  He didn’t have to let us in but he said he knew it was cool to see and thought we should get the opportunity.  One more reason to love our city–the people!  We spent a lot of time visiting the incredible new @powwowdc murals before moving on to Union Market to sample the new offerings from our friends at honeygrow and get a sneak peek at their upcoming menu. We can’t wait for their first store to open in Crystal City (August!) so we can try the stir-frys and salads.  After a quick cool off and with fuller stomachs, we had some fun with the murals around the market and chatted over some cold drinks and great company.




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