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Hey IGDC Family! today we have the honor of having @JenBurnett answer a few questions about photograph and Instagram.

Over the years, I've held my iPhone suspended over bodies of water, bridges, rooftops and out windows – and to get this shot, squeezed into a corner with my arm over a balcony as far as I could reach. And yes, the nice museum security guard came by to see what I was up to. 😂 . #stairwalkers #igdc #vsco #shotoniphone7

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You signed up for Instagram in its first month, did you think it would be such a huge success as it is now?

At the time that Instagram started to really take off, there was another photo sharing app out there (anyone remember Color?). I honestly had no idea that the Insta would become what it is today, otherwise I would have been an early investor and we might be having a completely different conversation right now, haha!

Washington Monument as seen from Jefferson Memorial

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Did you take your first photo right after signing up on Instagram?

This was the first one I took with my iPhone and posted to Instagram soon after I signed up, back in October 2010 when Instagram launched. It looks so vintage now, with an IG filter and frame and all 😉

What camera do you shoot your photos with?

Currently the iPhone 7 native camera. When I started on Instagram I was shooting with the iPhone 3GS and that camera was – excuse my French – total crap. Hence my heavy use of filters! I didn’t post much back then, and deleted a bunch of posts since. After I got the iPhone 4s which came with an improved camera, I became a more active mobile photographer and was posting more on IG.

Curtain call. . #igdc #shotoniphone7

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Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers that inspire you?

Wow, there are so many Instagrammers, too many to call out here – including many locals in the #igdcfamily whose work I love because they always bring their unique vision and creativity to the familiar places around DC. My latest inspo for architecture and all around style is @thismintymoment – truly exceptional work!

What photo are you most proud of?

I’d say it’s a tie between two DC images. This one because to me it represents a turning point in my style, and love of photographing architecture. Taken at one of my favorite museums (NGA) of #thatNGAwall – the light, texture, composition, minimalism, tiny people to give it scale, and a little pop of color. And this one from the Key Bridge boathouse, because of the tone, composition, depth and my love of black and white photography!

Here and there.

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| Possibilities |

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Who was the first person you met through Instagram?

My IG friends from NY/NJ Chris @chrislee8 and Charlie @chasread who came to DC when the @jjcommunity came here for an instameet. At that time, I also got to meet Holly @golightly and Laurie @dccitygirl and Sut @introvertmind a bunch of other @IGDC fam, too! I was so nervous meeting people who take such great photos. To this day, I still feel intimidated when I meet someone for the first time who’s work I’ve been following on IG, which is silly because everyone I’ve meet IRL has been nothing but great! And I’m so proud to be in DC and part of this welcoming creative community.

Nowhere but up. . From the camera roll archives when I visited the outstanding Kreeger Museum. #igdc #stairwalkers #shotoniphone7

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What advice would you give aspiring photographers for developing their own style on Instagram?

Shoot what you love. Take many, many photos. Study the light. Find, develop and stay true to your creative vision. Be your best photo editor – critique your work & only post your very best shots. Think about your intent before hitting the shutter – what do you want to say with this photograph? What emotion do you want to evoke? Look through tons photography books and study the masters in photography and painting. Notice how they use light. Light is everything.

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