Icebergs at The National Building Museum

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IGDC was thrilled to be able to attend the preview event for the National Building Museum’s new summer exhibition Icebergs.  The museum’s summer installations in the Main Hall are always so creative and fun and this year’s is no different.  Designed by James Corner Field Operations, #IcebergsDC is an immersive look at scale, geometry and landscape.

There are three layers to see:  under the sea, above sea level and the whole piece within the historic building.  You can relax on a bergy bean bag chair, enjoy shaved ice from Daikaya, slide down the iceberg slides and view the tip of the bergs from the observation deck.

We had so much fun exploring and interacting with the installations.

Be sure to check out Icebergs, open now through September 5th, at the National Building Museum.  And to see more from our fun this morning, check out #emptyicebergs.

Photos from the Event

Video from Icebergs!

See More Photos from #icebergsdc on Instagram

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