End Police Brutality Protest in Washington DC

Last night many in our community hit the streets in peaceful protest against police brutality. No matter your politics, we value this right and this freedom to express our feelings in America and we are appreciative of the ability to document and capture these moments through our lens.

Photography remains one of the most powerful tools to chronicle newsworthy events. With mobile devices and cameras at the ready, many in our community attended last night’s walk and we are better connected and informed today because they chose to share their stories with us on social media.

Thank you to all who tagged their photographs to #igdc and we encourage you to keep documenting and sharing. We pulled together some of the images that moved us and include them here.

At his age the only thing I was really thinking about was jumping on the trampoline and playing with Star Wars action figures. #blacklivesmatter (Also: if anyone knows this little boy and, I presume, his mother, please let me know. I would love to get them a copy of this photo. And thank them for being in it.)

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I participated in a beautiful demonstration of protest last night. We walked from the @whitehouse to the @uscapitol and back to the @whitehouse. Between the songs of freedom, the chants of protest, and demonstrations of equal support from all races, the experience was unprecedented. It is a shame that such a peaceful and powerful demonstration can be possibly overshadowed by violence. There is absolutely no excuse for Texas, and that is not how we progress. I have learned that there are no shortcuts, and some roads will be rough, but they are roads that can be maneuvered if we work together. | #BlackLivesMatter

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Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. – President John Adams

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United we stand, divided we fall. From 7/7/16 in Washington D.C.

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We are tho. 😂 #blacklivesmatter #whitefrustration

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I started my day in front of the White House, sipping an iced coffee, before looking at the news. I ended my day back in front of the White House, standing in solidarity, before marching to the Capitol to demand justice. We can't pretend that this isn't a problem. This has to stop. #blacklivesmatter #handsupdontshoot

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Earlier tonight, as we marched from the @whitehouse to the @uscapitol. #StopShootingUs

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Black Lives Matter rally by the Capitol tonight. #yescnn #igdc #exposeddc #dcfocused #fotodc #washpost #nojusticenopeace #handsupdontshoot

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We are not shooting targets. #igdc #blacklivesmatter #dcist #huffpostgram

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Put your hands up, at the Capitol #handsupdontshoot #nojusticenopeace #blacklivesmatter #igdc #exposeddc #dcfocused #fotodc

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