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This summer, IGDC has partnered with The Embassy Row Hotel in Washington, D.C. to launch a walking tour of our favorite places to photograph in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.

To participate, IGDC asked the community to submit images to #igdcwalkingtour. We received over 400 submissions which certainly made it difficult for our judges.  Selected images will appear, from May through August, on printed handouts to all hotel guests and visitors so they can visit the places for themselves.

We are kicking off the project and revealing the explorer’s guides on May 6 from 5pm to 7pm with a launch party to celebrate the project and hope to see you all there.  Embassy Row’s own Station Kitchen & Cocktails will be offering three cocktails inspired by this walking tour.

Congratulations to the photographers whose work was selected:

Basketball against the Wizard of Oz mural in Stead Park on P St. #igdc #igdcwalkingtour #dcfocused

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Dupont Vibes… // #igdc – #VSCOcam

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Hello spring 🌸 . . . #aCreativeDC #igdc #BYThings #igdcwalkingtour

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One serious game of chess….

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Who is the only U.S. President buried in Washington, D.C.? #igdcwalkingtour

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3.8: Window shopping.

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