Photos of the Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar in DC

DC’s hottest pop up bar is back! just in time for cherry blossom season. Drink Company‘s latest pop up bar is a festive cherry blossom themed bar. With creative cherry blossom themed cocktails and ramen in the back you’ll want to check out this unique bar.

Note: These photos are from 2019 and the bar isn’t planned on being open again.

The pop up consists of 3 unique bars.

The largest bar in the front is a pink paradise with pink cherry blossoms decorating the ceiling.

The second bar is similar to the first but with all white cherry blossoms.

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In the back there is a ramen bar that has a massive noodle structure on the wall and the mural ‘send noods‘ on the wall.

If you’re planning to visit we recommend arriving early since there is typically a line forming for when they open at 5pm.

You can find the Cherry Blossom PUB at 1841 7th St NW, DC. The pop up will run through Feb 28th thru April 21st 2019.

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3 responses to “Photos of the Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar in DC”

  1. Tasha Avatar

    This this a current article? One spot says 2/3/22 but then it says it runs from Feb thru April 2019.

    1. someguy Avatar

      I don’t think it’s happening this year, we’ll put a larger message saying the photos were from 2019, thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Jessie Avatar

    There are no more pop-ups slated from the Drink Company team at this time. Please re-word your article/title.

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